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Best Insurance Companies in Nepal 2023: List and Guide

List of insurance companies in Nepal


Insurance is a critical component of financial stability and risk management, providing a safety net for individuals and businesses alike. In Nepal, the insurance sector has experienced significant growth in recent years.

In this blog, we will explore the world of insurance agencies in Nepal, shedding light on their importance, and role.

The Role of Insurance Company

Insurance agencies play an important role in the insurance ecosystem by providing valuable services to both insurers and insured parties. Here are some key functions they perform:

  • Policy sales and distribution

Insurance agencies serve as a vital channel for insurance companies to reach potential customers. They offer a wide range of insurance products, including life insurance, health insurance, vehicle insurance, and property insurance, amongst others.

  • Customer education:

Insurance can be complex, and insurance agencies help their clients. They provide information about policy terms and the benefits of various insurance products, helping clients make informed decisions.

  • Risk assessment: 

Insurance agencies assess the risk profiles of individuals and businesses to determine the appropriate insurance coverage. This involves evaluating factors such as age, health, income, and the nature of assets.

  • Claims assistance:

In the unfortunate event of a claim, insurance agencies assist clients in filing claims with the insurance companies, ensuring a smooth and timely claims settlement process.

 life insurance companies in Nepal

Life insurance in Nepal is a vital tool for securing the financial future of your loved ones.

List of life insurance companies in Nepal:

S.NLife Insurance CompanyOperating sinceWebsite
1.Rastriya beema sansthan2025 B.S
2.National Life Insurance Company Ltd.2044 B.S
3.Nepal Life Insurance Company Ltd.2058 B.S
4.Life Insurance Corporation Ltd.2057 B.S
5.Suryajyoti Life Insurance Company Ltd.2079 B.S
6.Himalayan Life Insurance Ltd.2080 B.S
7.Asian Life Insurance Company Ltd.2064 B.S
8. IME Life Insurance Company Ltd.2074 B.S
9.Sanima Reliance Life Insurance2079 B.S
1o.Citizen Life Insurance Ltd.2074 B.S
11.Sun Nepal Life Insurance Company Ltd.2074 B.S
12. Reliable Nepal Life Insurance Company Ltd.2074 B.S
13.Prabhu Mahalaxmi Life Insurance Company Ltd.2080 B.S

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General insurance companies:

Whether it’s safeguarding your vehicle, protecting your home, or covering medical expenses, general insurance plays an important role in minimizing risks.

List of general insurance companies in Nepal:

S.NGeneral Insurance CompanyOperating sinceWebsite
1.Nepal Insurance Company Ltd.2004 B.S
2.The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd.2012 B.S
3.National Insurance Company Ltd.2030 B.S
4.Himalayan Everest Insurance Company Ltd.2079 B.S
5.Sagarmatha Lumbini Insurance Company Ltd.2079 B.S
6.Prabhu Insurance Ltd.2053 B.S
7.Shikhar Insurance Company Ltd.2061 B.S
8.Rastriya beema company ltd.2071 B.S
9.Sanima GIC Insurance Ltd.2079 B.S
10.NLG Insurance Ltd.2054 B.S
11.IGI Prudential Insurance Ltd.2080 B.S

Choosing the Right Insurance Company

Please note that the availability of specific health insurance products and the terms and conditions may vary from one company to another. 

It’s essential to carefully review the policies, coverage, and premium rates these companies offer to choose the one that best suits your healthcare needs and financial circumstances. 

Selecting the right life insurance company in Nepal is a crucial decision that requires careful consideration. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • Coverage Needs: Evaluate your family’s financial needs and long-term goals to determine the type and amount of coverage required.
  • Company Reputation: Research the reputation and financial stability of the insurance company. Check their claim settlement ratio and customer reviews to ensure reliability.
  • Policy Flexibility: Look for companies that offer flexible policies, allowing you to customize your coverage to suit your unique requirements.
  • Premium Affordability: Consider your budget and choose a policy with premiums that you can comfortably afford.
  • Customer Service: Assess the quality of customer service provided by the insurance company, as prompt and responsive assistance is crucial during the policy term.

Best life insurance company in Nepal

Nepal life insurance company limited is one of the best life insurance companies in Nepal.

  • Establishment: Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited was established on November 25, 2001.
  • Ownership: It is a publicly listed company, and its shares are traded on the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE).
  • Type of Company: It is a life insurance company specializing in providing life insurance products and services to individuals and groups.
  • Headquarters: The company is headquartered in Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • Financial Strength: It is important to check the company’s financial stability, including its solvency ratio and financial performance, to ensure that it can meet its obligations to policyholders.
  • Product Portfolio: Nepal Life Insurance Company Limited offers a range of life insurance products, including term insurance, endowment plans, whole life insurance, and other savings and investment-oriented policies.
  • Customer Service: Nepal life insurance companies provide the best customer services compared to other life insurance. The reviews of the customer of this insurance company is always positive.


Life insurance is a crucial investment in your family’s future and financial security. The life insurance companies in Nepal mentioned above are reputable institutions that offer a wide range of products to meet your unique needs. 

Remember, choosing the right insurance company is a very important decision that requires careful consideration of your unique needs, budget, and long-term goals.

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